Health Care: Part 5 – Where To Now?

I have never seen anyone on TV or heard on the radio, talk about a government free health care system. Today, everyone seems fixated on some kind of government involvement. Once again, no government program I have ever seen works to help the governed, they only work to the advantage of Washington DC. If you and I truly want the best health care system be need to wrap our arms around the concept of “individual responsibility”, not standing in the street like a beggar with our hands out.The only system that will work is a system absent of any government programs, absent of lawyers, and with health insurance that protects us from financial disaster. Only catastrophic coverage should be available. The beauty of such a system is that government is not needed, lawyers would be banned from profiting from people’s misfortunes, insurance would be available in a way that meets the definition of insurance (protection against loss), and lastly the graft and corruption now in our system would be eliminated. Such a system would rein in exorbitant costs that infect today’s system thus making it possible for today’s costs to come down as much as 70%.Here are some “facts” you will not hear from the news media or politicians. Americans take too many medications, go to the doctor too often and are afraid of financial disaster due to a catastrophic health issue. It is this “being afraid” of financial disaster that contributes most to our crisis and politicians know how to take advantage of this fear with unattainable solutions and promises that do nothing but keep them in office. Also, you cannot get healed by taking medications, or by going to the doctor, or having health insurance company pay for treatments, or by going to a hospital. The only true healing available to anyone is their own body, and it is a tremendous healer if you will only give it a chance. Everything else in health care is designed to “help” your body do its job.Now, here are some “truths” you will not hear from the news media or politicians. The fear of financial disaster can be alleviated by purchasing catastrophic coverage. In additions there are thousands of non-profit organizations just waiting to help people with unusual circumstances. I know this because I speak to many of them. Also, because of government run programs, ten percent of our population uses up ninety percent of all health care resources. Read this last sentence again, think about it and answer this question. Do you consider yourself in the ten percent of the most wasteful, or in the ninety percent that can get by with less? This may be the most important truth you will ever hear so please embrace it. If you take care of your body by eating properly and exercising properly, you will eliminate of sixty percent of all possible diseases and illnesses you could possibly come down with in your lifetime. Let’s learn to vote properly and become more educated about what health care truly is, the system will work. Learn more truths by going to my “.com” website, “the health care fix”. There is a lot there. There are also two books available on Amazon Kindle, “Health Care: It Can Be Fixed” and “Ten Tenets For Better Health”. Have a great and blessed day.